Erica Young
Editing Services

​Hi, I’m Erica Young.

As a freelance editor, I offer developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading services.  I have been freelancing since 2018, working with many writers and various publishing houses, big and small.


Developmental Editing

As one of the first steps in the editing process, developmental edits ignore the fine details like grammar or spelling mistakes and focus instead on the big picture. You’ll gain feedback around pacing, plot, character development, and other foundational components of your story.

​As a developmental editor, I will leave comments and notes in the manuscript with suggestions for changes to your story. You will also receive a single-page document outlining some of the key areas for improvement.

Rate: $45 per hour (about $0.03 per word)

Copy Editing

During the copy editing phase, editors comb through the text for errors including spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, capitalization, consistency, and factual errors. This process is more involved and time-consuming, but a clean manuscript is well worth the trouble.

​As a copy editor, I will track changes in your manuscript so you can see and approve each edit. I will also flag areas for your consideration. These might be things that are not grammatically wrong but could be improved — like repetitive wording or sentence structure.

Rate: $0.02 per word ($20 for 1,000 words)


When your manuscript has been edited and formatted, a proofreader performs a final sweep of the text to look for any major consistency errors as well as strange or distracting formatting (words being cut off at the bottom of the page, strange line breaks, etc).

​As a proofreader, I can work with your manuscript as a PDF, reading through and flagging any areas that need attention. 

Rate: $0.01 per word ($10 for 1,000 words)

Beta Reading

The beta reading process helps you, the author, find out exactly how your story comes across to readers. Are the characters coming across the way you want? Is the plot dragging? Are readers getting bored? Are there any parts that need clarification?

​As your beta reader, I will leave in-line comments for areas that need your attention. You will get detailed feedback with specific references from the text so you know why I’m thinking what I’m thinking. At the end of each chapter, I will also provide some big-picture feedback about how the story is working as a whole.

Rate: $0.002 per word ($2 per 1,000 words)

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